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OP013 Swallowtail butterfly Sleeb Dress


Covering the drape is both shoulders and upper arms, such as the wings of swallowtail butterfly extending portrait "swallowtail butterfly Suribudo less". Comfortable with a sense of relaxation in the Ruzufito to wear without a belt. If set the obi belt, because both ends of the waist is Nakayori, waist looks thin. To capitalize even if the pattern of Me Yuzen that should be completed as a kimono to dress, we focused on that connect seamlessly without as much as possible off the narrow fabric width. Dress the point of a using the silk of Me luxury print silk modern products from the Taisho era, exactly, meeting with people who wear. It is difficult to wear kimono, it was transformed into a dress to be worn by a single fastener. Such as Nishijin and Saga Nishiki, by coordinating with the obi belt that uses a traditional silk, you can incorporate the kimono mood of genuine. ※ The photo above is an example of a one-point thing. The latest of the sale, please check the blog.

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